121.67/1–2447: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

97. Position taken by you fully approved. (Urtel 136, Jan. 24). Dept desires that you or Butterworth20 inform Soviet Emb orally that we welcome its reference to Dairen as a “commercial port”. In this connection you may recall to the Emb our notes of early Jan to Soviet and Chinese Govts in regard to Dairen, and express hope that the port will soon be open to commerce. You may say that, until it is opened to commerce, it would manifestly be impractical for US commercial vessels to call at the port for the sole purpose of making possible courier visits. In conclusion you may say that, under these circumstances, the Soviet Emb will appreciate that we have no choice but to continue use of disarmed naval vessels for courier visits in accordance with the procedure that has prevailed during recent months.

For your info, Dept wishes if possible to keep discussion of this matter in Nanking and away from Moscow. In the foregoing paragraph we have purposely avoided reference to advance notification in Moscow but if Soviet Emb raises question again you may state that we find present method of notification more convenient and express desire for its temporary continuance.

  1. W. Walton Butterworth, Minister-Counselor of Embassy.