893.00/4–147: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

713. Taipei reported on March 28 that the Ho Ping Jih Pao suspended for reporting Central Executive Committee censure Chen Yi [Page 443] and as only few copies distributed that development not generally known in Taipei. Consulate reports further:

“Government here realizes position would be further weakened by publication CEC criticism which might cause Formosan jubilation leading to more uprisings. Official feeling appears uncertain regarding future while other mainlanders openly apprehensive further trouble with general sentiment favoring their return to mainland for safety and because Formosan cooperation impossible for indefinite time.

Native reactions difficult assess since expression anti-Government opinion will lead to arrest but small informed segment feels changes if any will come after departure General Pai. Arrival troops resulted in cessation overt action by Formosans but General Pai’s visit has not so far contributed to any noticeable betterment of basic situation. Pars efforts publicly concentrated on supporting Chen Yi. Arrests still being made and evidence points to continued executions. Fresh bodies still being removed from Keelung harbor. Occasionally gun fire at night but may partly be looting. Two confirmed instances public shooting of soldiers by MP’s assumably for looting.

Governor told American pressmen that Wang Tien-teng, principal liaison between Government and former settlement committee, shot dead ‘while resisting arrest’.”