Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

The Military Attaché in China (Soule) to the War Department General Staff Intelligence Division

D 4080. Following are observations of Ass[istan]t M[ilitary] A[ttaché] Dau 9 to 11 March in Taipei, Taiwan. Embassy requests information to Far Eastern Desk, State Department.

[Page 441]

“After incidents of 1 March, comparative quiet reigned from 3 to 7 March after Governor Chen Yi agreed to meet most demands of Formosans. With arrival of two Military Police Battalions commencing 7 March, followed by at least 21st Division from mainland, disturbances again renewed and characterized as show of force by foreign observers. Small arms fire prevalent over weekend, decreasing in intensity by 11 March. Chen Yi states caused by Formosan ruffians and Communists. However, only visible firing is by troops.

Estimate Chen Yi can maintain reasonable order in Taipei–Keelung area with present troops. However, present purge by military and signs of reneging on promises indicate continued unrest and incidents. Believe only real political and economic reform can quiet Taiwan unless tremendous military effort is made with additional reinforcements from mainland.

Americans will remain with situation carefully followed in case evacuation becomes essential. No Americans injured but one American UNRRA employed house riddled by small arms.”

[Here follows a short statement to the Assistant Military Attaché at Shanghai, to whom this telegram was also relayed.]