894A.00/3–1147: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

517. Taipei reports Colonel Dau arrived March 9. Following is Taipei’s 47, March 10:

“Martial law still in force with firing less frequent by midday and relatively light during night. Suspected dissidents Taipei reportedly [Page 439] being rounded up. Additional troops arriving from Keelung. Public street activity at minimum.

Governor’s radio broadcast this morning stated officials causing incident arrested being tried; killed [and] wounded compensated and given medical treatment; people involved not prosecuted. Governor said he has promised Provincial Government status for Taiwan with as many Formosans as Department heads possible and that general election mayor’s magistrates will begin July 1st. Reinvocation martial law necessary because ‘gangsters, ruffians spreading rumor and sowing seeds dissension between Government [and?] people’. Following six points stressed in speech: Communications will be resumed, people should resume normal occupations, meetings [and] parades temporarily banned, propagandizing banned, commodity price increases banned and ‘any other illegal acts forbidden’.”