894A.00/3–747: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

479. Following is 36, Mar 5, from Taipei.

“Following is translated text of letter handed Consulate today by delegation of Political Reconstruction Promotion Assn of Taiwan, an established responsible organization, taking large part in mediation for settlement of present situation.

‘March 5, 1947. The US Consulate Taipei, Taiwan.

‘Sir: For the protection of the lives of the 6 million and more Formosans, we cordially request you to forward the enclosed letter to Ambassador Dr. Leighton Stuart for transmission to the National Govt of the Republic of China.

‘From (chopped) the Political Reconstruction Promotion Assn of Taiwan.’

[“] Following is translated text of enclosure:

‘To His Excellency, President Chiang of the National Govt of the Republic of China through the kindness of Ambassador Dr. Leighton Stuart of the American Embassy in Nanking:

‘Your Excellency: This civil commotion in Taiwan Province is purely in protest against corrupt officialdom and a demand for political reformation with no other purposes whatsoever. We entreat you not to dispatch troops to Taiwan in order to avoid further provocation of the people. We also earnestly beg that you immediately send a high official to Taiwan to settle the incident for the sake of the nation.

[Page 436]

‘From (chopped) the Political Reconstruction Promotion Assn of Taiwan Province. March 5.’

“Consulate has agreed to forward this communication to American Embassy for its discretionary action.”17

  1. Copy of this letter with its enclosure was handed to President Chiang Kaishek “informally” by Ambassador Stuart on March 7.