893.00/3–547: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

448. Following is Taipei’s 32, March 3:

“Newspaper extra issued this morning announced that ‘committee for settling February 28 incident’ decided following:

Send delegates to Governor General to inquire to what extent terms accepted by Government have been executed.
Executive Committee shall be formed and shall visit American Consul to request Consul to announce incident to entire world. At same time telegram will be sent Central Government to report truth of incident.
Public Security Maintenance Committee will be organized.

Committee mentioned item (2) called on Consul this afternoon and was informed that it is not Consulate’s function to act as news disseminating agency and that it is in position only to transmit communications [Page 430] for US Government to Embassy subject latter’s decision regarding onward forwarding. Committee stated it would consult General Committee for which it is acting for purpose drawing up tomorrow written communication for information US Government.

Consul has today received petition addressed to General Marshall11 containing 141 signatures in behalf of 807 persons stating in conclusion ‘shortest way of reformation of Provincial Government (of Taiwan) is wholly to depend upon United Nations joint administration in Formosa and cut political and economic concern with China proper for years until Formosa becomes independent’.

Important message on general situation now being prepared. Blake.”

  1. General of the Army George C. Marshall, formerly President Truman’s, special representative in China, at this time Secretary of State.