893.00/8–947: Telegram

The Consul at Shanghai ( Meyer ) to the Secretary of State

1939. Reference Consulate’s telegram 1379, August 7 (repeated Department as 1922). Following earlier press accounts of failure of attempts made at Democratic Socialist Congress to negotiate the return to party fold of opposition elements comprising “reform committee” [Page 251] and overseas group (former Democratic Constitutional Party), local press reports the “final split” occurred August 7th when these two elements issued joint statement.

As reported in press, statement says in brief that Carson Chang has mishandled party affairs and “refused honest advice”: That as result thereof the effort[s] of Wu Hsien-tze (senior overseas representative and leader of opposition elements) to mediate peace and unification of party were frustrated and no voice in deliberations and decisions of recently held party congress was given to reformists and overseas member; that the two groups accordingly cannot be bound by such decisions; and that the two groups “now constitute three-fourths of the party influence and possess 8 out of 15 central committeemen, which means that members now directed by Carson Chang are mere minorities”. Statement then continues (abbreviated):

“The majority group of this party cannot let a small gang of ambitious elements manipulate narty as their tool. For sake of saving future of party we have decided to ask Wu Hsien-tze to be acting chairman and convoke real and legitimate congress in Shanghai August 15th, so as to rally will of all party members, decide political strategy, purge selfish elements from party, and strengthen party organization to meet future difficult situation, domestic and international. Moreover we would like to cooperate with all peace and freedom loving people in wider and sterner struggle for realization of peace, liberty and democracy in China.”

According to CC Shun Pao August 7th issue, “an important member” of reform group in a further statement said: “As regards foreign relations, we advocate that China should take an impartial, neutral stand towards United States and USSR.”

Shun Pao same issue reports that “regional” members of party (Carson Chang’s) representing provinces and municipalities have accused “a minority” in party of selecting regional delegates who attended congress and thus preventing “legitimate” regional representatives from having proper voice in congress. Report intimates that this trouble is likely to result in further split and weakening of party.

Repeated Nanking 1388.