121.5493/4–1447: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

803. Communist radio North Shensi on April 13 broadcast communiqué issued by Headquarters Manchurian United Democratic Army dated April 7 stating that “Major Rigg and Captain Collins, both of U. S. Army and Assistant Military Attachés of American Embassy in China, were caught alive while they were reconnoitering military positions of Manchurian United Democratic Army under cover of Kuomintang troops. This is confirmed by witnesses, material evidence and statements of the accused after careful investigation.”

After protesting strongly against American Government “directly participating in China’s civil war”, Headquarters of Manchurian United Democratic Army warned that American Government would have to be responsible for consequences ensuing from similar acts in [Page 1445] the future. It stated “in pursuance of spirit of clemency Major Rigg and Captain Collins have been escorted out of territory.”

Broadcast then relates circumstances of capture which do not differ materially from information previously available to Embassy. Communiqué states that “close Chiang Kai-shek24–American collaboration can be seen from above facts. That is why when Changchun was panic-stricken Rigg and Collins personally went out to front lines for armed reconnaissance under cover of Kmt gunfire. Communists appeal to American people and world public opinion to halt direct aid by American Government to Chiang Kai-shek for waging civil war.”

Sent Department as 803, repeated Changchun as 40.

  1. President of the National Government of the Republic of China.