711.9327/11–547: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1372. Chinese should be informed Urtel (2197 Nov 5) that US glad consult in accord Art XI but before US can consider question [Page 1424] appointing representatives etc necessary we be informed officially reasons Chinese request and points on which consultation desired.

For Emb info Dept perceives no urgency this matter particularly since Geneva conference3 may result in agreement which might solve problem Hongkong–Shanghai traffic. Emb should therefore adopt reasonable delaying tactics without giving impression US not receptive idea consultation. If possible US should be given advantage 60 day period figured from date Chinese inform us as to specific points first paragraph.

Sent Nanking as 1372; rptd Shanghai 1927.

  1. Special Conference on Multilateral Aviation Agreement of the International Civil Aviation Organization at Geneva, November 3–25, 1947.