893.102/9–1747: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1273. Concur with Emb that plan proposed by Chinese (Urdes 999, Sept 17) probably best solution obtainable by agreement between Chinese and concerned foreign authorities. Congen authorized agree to plan but should take every possible safeguard to ensure Chinese fulfillment of their undertakings (Sent Nanking as Depts 1273, repeated Shanghai as 1771.) should plan be agreed upon.

Dept feels plan for Country Hospital nurses use one or two floors Victoria Nurses home, with remainder building at disposal Chinese Govt may give rise administrative difficulties and friction. Dept suggests definite period be specified if possible re that arrangement (preferably 5 or more years which would allow adequate time Country Hospital build nurses home) and that it desirable obtain from Chinese, if possible, binding undertaking (Shanghai’s dsp 296 Sept 8 to Emb) that specified amount space Victoria Nurses home would be made [Page 1420] available to Country Hospital nurses in order lessen possibility future disagreements.