893.52/9–1247: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1236. Approval by ChiGovt Nanking of press release concerning re-registration real property rights (Urtel 1913, Sept 12) is preferable, Dept feels, to approval by Land Bureau, Shanghai. Pls endeavor obtain informal approval soonest (Sent Nanking as Dept’s 1236, repeated Shanghai as 1708) and telegraph soon as obtained. Dept will then issue release and notify ConGen Shanghai (Shanghai’s tel 2243, Sept 19,28 repeated Nanking) which should then issue release there, and Emb, which should then notify ChiGovt of date release issued by Dept.

Following is text draft release:

“American nationals (including corporations and associations) who possess rights or titles to real property in the municipality of Shanghai, China, which were acquired before May 20, 1943, are advised that it is necessary for them to apply to the appropriate authorities of that municipality for re-registration of their property rights and for new deeds of ownership if they have not already done so. Such rights as rights of mortgage, in addition to rights of ownership, must be reregistered. Although the period originally set for re-registration has expired the Chinese Government has agreed to the extension of the deadline for re-registration to April blank, 1948, in the case of American nationals, some of whom may have been unaware of the requirement of re-registration.

Applications for re-registration and new deeds may be made by an agent, who should be authorized by power of attorney from the holder of the property rights or titles and provided with documentary evidence of the holder’s American nationality and with original or certified copies of the leases in perpetuity or other documentary evidence relating to the property rights. American holders of real property rights should either apply, or instruct their agents to apply, in person to the American Consulate General at Shanghai for certificates regarding those rights. Submission of the certificates is required by the Chinese authorities.

Article IV of the treaty for the relinquishment of extraterritorial rights in China which was signed by the United States and China January 11, 1943 and entered into force May 20, 1943, provides:

[Here Emb pls insert in inner quotation marks text Article IV.]”29

  1. Not printed; it contained a revised version of draft press release (893.52/9–1947).
  2. Brackets appear in the original.