898.52/7–2247: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

1563. Embassy assumes Consulate General, Shanghai, has delayed preparation appropriate press release for issuance Washington regarding land registration requirements pending action of Land Bureau on request for general extension of deadline (reference Department’s telegram 1187 to Shanghai July 18, repeated Nanking as 885) and is of the opinion general extension of deadline would offer better basis for such press release than present informal arrangement discussed in Shanghai’s 1546, June 25 to Department.25

As suggested in Shanghai reference telegram, Embassy has not raised again with Foreign Office question of general extension time limit on behalf unknown American owners but is prepared to do so. Embassy of opinion request of this nature would be strengthened, in view previous requests, were it possible to agree with Chinese to give publicity in United States to registration requirements if granted specific extension of time limit adequate for this purpose, it being understood that time limit would apply only to filing of claims of ownership with Land Bureau, owners being permitted to submit substantiating documents subsequent to expiration of time limit. However, implying acceptance of a final deadline for filing claims of ownership, such procedure might jeopardize the position of American owners who failed to assert their claims prior to final deadline. Should Department desire Embassy take action foregoing lines, Embassy would find it helpful to know what in Department’s opinion would constitute minimum extensions of deadline to enable adequate publicity in United States. In any case Embassy will await Department’s comments before taking further action.

Sent Department, repeated Shanghai as 636.

  1. Not printed.