811.5293/4–2347: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

488. Emb should make strong representation (sent Nanking as Depts 488 rptd Shanghai as Depts 677) to FonOff against Apr 30 deadline for registration land with Shanghai municipal authorities (Shanghai’s tel 1012 Apr 23 rptd Nanking as 717) as contrary to treaty, stressing unreasonableness of date (Deptel 75 Jan 17 to Emb) rather than argument that any time limit inconsistent with treaty [Page 1389] provision. Emb should point out that long period is necessary for all landholders receive info re regulations, assemble documents and comply with formalities re registration property and that ConGen obviously unable request extension deadline on behalf individuals who are absent and who hold land without ConGen’s knowledge. Please keep Dept informed developments.

Dept hesitates give publicity to subject Apr 30 deadline because of possible implication that Dept does not object imposition deadline. Moreover Dept does not have sufficient technical info to answer anticipated questions. If Emb feels publicity should be given, Emb should instruct ConGen Shanghai telegraph Dept text suggested press release including answers such questions as precisely which documents must be presented, whether power of attorney necessary enable another person represent absent owner in applying registration, whether special form for power attorney required etc.

Suggest Emb consult Dr. Bacon10 if she is available.

  1. Ruth E. Bacon, Special Assistant to the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Vincent).