800.48 FRP/7–847: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

856. Rap 48 10. We are not bound to use post-UNRRA program solely for direct famine area relief Reurtel 1482 July 8 repeated [Page 1326] Shanghai as 610. Decision was made on basis info and recommendations from Emb to authorize program which could, as indicated in Deptel 812, include support to programs of private agencies, and distribution in cities. Dept believes, however, that some portion of our aid should be used to assist in at least 1 or 2 spots in interior where suffering is likely to be most acute providing reasonable transportation could be arranged. Sent Nanking as Depts 856 repeated to Shanghai as Depts 1133. Extent of such aid would depend upon practicability of arrangements and judgment of Emb as to amount which could profitably be used in this way.

In answer to (b), as indicated in Deptel 812 relief program is intended to finance imports of certain needed supplies which could not otherwise be paid for. Dept believes it quite proper to assist in some measure in support of controlled distribution plan. To extent such a plan can be developed on a reasonably fair and equitable basis it clearly falls within the conditions of the Relief Act and should result in benefits to Chinese people.

In brief, Dept believes relief supplies should be apportioned among (a) private agencies (b) certain interior areas as mentioned above and (c) controlled distribution plan in coastal cities.

In apportioning among these programs Dept prepared to be guided largely by judgment of Emb and relief staff based on study of particular programs and plans of Chinese and of private relief agencies.

In accordance suggestion Embtel 1482 further comments and advice will be transmitted after consultation with Butterworth who is expected here early next week. In particular will cover question of financing local distribution costs raised in para (c). Dept fully aware of difficulties in this regard in connection with UNRRA program and would not of course desire to impose any conditions which would jeopardize effective distribution.

  1. Under the terms of a circular telegram of June 26, 8:10 a.m., the code “Rap” was to be used to identify Department telegrams to the field relating to the United States Foreign Relief Program (USFRP); and “Par” was to be used in communications of this type sent by the field to the Department (800.48 FRP/6–2647).