893.48/6–1847: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

775. Definite authorization re negotiation relief agreement can be sent quickly (Reurtel 1324 June 18 repeated Shanghai 548) upon receipt of reply to Deptel 738 June 17. Proposed text of relief agreement being negotiated with Italy being sent in immediately following cable46 based largely on terms of relief Act. Ur comments and suggestions for modification to meet situation in China are desired. Sent Nanking as Depts 775 repeated to Shanghai as Depts 1060.

  1. Telegram No. 776, June 25, 7 p.m., not printed; for text of agreement between the United States and Italy regarding relief assistance, signed at Rome on July 4, 1947, see Department of State Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 1653, or 61 Stat. (pt. 3) 3135.