501.BC Indonesia/12–3047: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia ( Livengood ) to the Secretary of State


576. From Graham No. 76. Latest meetings with Indo delegation and Netherlands delegation held December 18 and 19. Exhaustive discussions [Page 1097] Linggadjati, minutes, exchange letters and elucidations served chiefly emphasize total disparity views parties on lines already explored. Vredenburch stated he not convinced paragraph by paragraph examination Linggadjati could be helpful since Netherlands delegation did not consider Linggadjati any longer binding or as affording basis on which settlement could be worked out.

Sjarifuddin, with most Indo delegation, returned Djocja December 24. In press interview he stated would not return until “real talks” ready begin and that this would depend only on Dutch. He considered Dutch were by-passing GOC in creation West Java state and in supporting organizations pressing for interim federal govt Indonesia. While he privately told Graham he ready return in several days, he failed return Batavia with Indo delegation December 29. Setiadjit informed Livengood he had “collapsed”. Setiadjit also stated Republic would accept GOC Xmas program (mytel 75, December 2789).

Graham had flown Djocja December 27 and asked Soekarno and Sjarifuddin give most careful consideration GOC Xmas proposal as fair, integrated, balanced program, even including general acceptance Van Mook line. He stressed to them and to Masjoemi leaders absolute necessity Republic do utmost, as part this program, put end to killings and acts intimidation and destruction.90 [Graham.]

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  2. In telegram 580, December 31, 9 a.m., from Batavia, Mr. Livengood reported a meeting on December 30 in his office between the Netherlands Prime Minister (Beel) and the Indonesian Deputy Prime Minister (Setiadjit). Premier Beel stated afterward it was a good meeting. (501.BC Indonesia/12–3147)