895.00/9–2047: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Korea (Jacobs) to the Secretary of State


365. Zpol 1171. 1. There is quoted in the next paragraph of this telegram an intercepted message dated September 19 (which is being banned) from Doctor Rhee to his Washington office. Please note that he wants a completely Rhee government with no rightists, leftists, or middle roaders because when Rhee speaks of an election he is cocksure that his crowd will have a large majority. Also note his renewed attack against General Hodge especially the malicious and false charge that he ordered the arrest of leftists to make an impression upon General Wedemeyer and his accusation that Hodge is now ordering release of those arrested. The truth with respect to the last point is that the police in true oriental style have been holding many minor leftists against whom they cannot bring substantial charge of wrongdoing and Hodge has ordered that all such be released. The reason for this new outburst on Rhee’s part is believed to be jealousy over our efforts to give prestige to those who are working with us, for instance his reference to Kimm Kiusic.

[Here follows text of message.]