The British Embassy to the Department of State



As the United States Government are aware, His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom are engaged in discussions in London with a representative delegation of Burmese political leaders on the constitutional future of Burma. In the course of their discussions, it has transpired that the Burmese delegation attach great importance to Burma’s being represented diplomatically in Washington, Nanking and Bangkok. The delegation claim to have received an intimation that the United States Government would be disposed to consider favourably an exchange of diplomatic representatives between Burma and the United States.

His Majesty’s Government would accordingly be grateful to learn whether, in anticipation of the probable early realisation of full self-government by Burma, when she will enjoy a position similar to that [Page 5] now enjoyed by India, the Government of the United States would be prepared to accept, in principle, the exchange of diplomatic representatives with Burma. They consider that the representatives might appropriately have ministerial rank, but wish to suggest that the determination of the precise status to be accorded to them be left until a later date. His Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador is instructed to give an assurance that the Government of Burma would be prepared to accept the appointment of a diplomatic representative of the United States on a reciprocal basis.
The discussions which are being held with the Burmese Delegation in London are likely to be concluded by the 28th January. When a statement on the outcome of the conversations is prepared, the Burmese Delegation will almost certainly wish to include a reference to the question of the exchange of diplomatic representatives with certain countries. His Majesty’s Government would therefore be grateful if a very early answer could be returned to this enquiry and if in the meantime it could be treated as strictly confidential.