740.00119 Control (Japan)/2–2047

The Chairman of the State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee (Hilldring) to the Secretary of State


At its 54th Meeting on 19 February 1947 the State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee approved SWNCC 150/10, copies of which are enclosed.33

It is requested that the Department of State forward the memorandum in Enclosure “B”, with a copy of Enclosure “A” as an enclosure, to the U.S. representative on the Far Eastern Commission for guidance in connection with the review of the United States Initial Post-Defeat Policy by that Commission.34

For the State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee:
J. H. Hilldring
  1. For original text of this document, see Department of State Bulletin, September 23, 1945, p. 423; for text as sent to General MacArthur on August 29, 1945, see Political Reorientation of Japan, p. 423. For document adopted by the Far Eastern Commission after review and revision on June 19, 1947, see Department of State Bulletin, August 3, 1947, p. 216, or Activities of the Far Eastern Commission, p. 49. For General MacArthur’s comment on the final version of June 19, 1947, see Political Reorientation of Japan, p. 774. For related comment by the Department of State, see telegram 230 to Tokyo, June 20, 1947, p. 234.
  2. Two memoranda not printed; they were forwarded on February 27.