740.00115 PW/1–2947

The Acting Political Adviser in Japan (Bishop) to the Department of State

No. 839

The Counselor of Mission in Charge16 has the honor to refer to this Mission’s despatch No. 800, January 7, 1947,17 concerning repatriation of Japanese, with which were transmitted five copies of an agreement, signed on December 19, 1946, by Major General Paul J. Mueller, acting for the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, and Lieutenant General Kuzma N. Derevyanko, acting for the Soviet authorities. The agreement contemplated a comprehensive program for the repatriation of Japanese nationals from Soviet and Soviet-controlled areas, and of Korean nationals in Japan to their homes north of 38 degrees North Latitude.

There are enclosed five copies of Scapin 1421, December 26, 1946, from General Headquarters to the Japanese Government,17 which sets forth the manner in which the repatriation is to be accomplished.

  1. Max W. Bishop was Acting Political Adviser in the absence of Mr. Atcheson who was on home leave.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.