845C.00/2–247: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consulate General at Rangoon43


58. For action by Packer only. We have noted statement contained urtel 88 Feb 2 re possibility inclusion communist representative in revamped Executive Council. Experiences other govts in similar position cause us believe inclusion of communists in a Burmese govt is likely to add to difficulties of Burmese in setting up genuinely democratic form of self-govt. It has been found in general that although communists are glib in advocating democracy and self-govt they endeavor in practice to prevent dependent peoples from setting up any kind of govt not susceptible to communist influence or control. Furthermore it seems clear that they are anxious that Burma should attain independence from Brit Empire by violence rather than by peaceful means in order to injure Brit prestige in Far East, to encourage violence elsewhere in Asia, and to facilitate strengthening of communist influence in Burma. We believe that unless Burmans are able to isolate communists at once latter may be successful in penetrating politically inexperienced liberal and intellectual groups and bringing disunity among patriotic democratic Burmans, and in creating much difficulty for Burma in future.

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You are authorized therefore in your discretion to take advantage of such informal opportunities as may present themselves to let Aung San and other responsible Burman leaders understand that for them to include communists in high govt positions would afford latter opportunity for disruptive activities, would give them added importance in eyes Burmese people and might eventually prove disastrous to Burmans as well as to other peace-loving peoples in Asia.

  1. Repeated to London as telegram 790, February 17, 7 p.m.