740.00119 FEAC(Info)/1–1347: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Political Adviser in Japan (Atcheson)


12. This is FEC 4. Reparations. Ambassador Novikov9 in conversation General McCoy expressed concern over U.S. plan to take unilateral action by issuing interim directives and implied serious consequences might ensue.

Implementing legislation. At meeting of FEC January 2 Sir Carl Berendsen New Zealand representative stated re implementing legislation that degree of cooperation between FEC and SCAP highly unsatisfactory and that consequently functions of FEC have been stultified; expressed great admiration for Supreme Commander and stated “I cannot believe that what have from time to time appeared to be deliberate discourtesies have indeed been intended to be such”; reviewed history of case of late arrival of implementing legislation and stated “I should think it proper to ask the United States Government what their views are on this particular incident and what action if any they would think it proper for the Commission to take”.

Australian representative also spoke along same lines. He pointed out that reason for wish to examine implementing legislation before passage by Diet was to save Supreme Commander embarrassment which would be caused should it become necessary to request him to have Japanese Government revoke laws already passed; stated that “Commission had no intention of worrying Supreme Commander by sniping at him or by caustic criticism. But by referring matters to Commission the Supreme Commander was drawing on fund of knowledge and experience relating to working of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary executive not available within his own staff of exclusively American officers”; stated should be greatly extended exchange of views and suggestions between SCAP and FEC; asserted FEC had treated SCAP as partner but that there should be reciprocity [Page 161] and that “Commission should not always be the one to make the concessions”; and stated Australian Government felt FEC had not been given adequate opportunity to examine implementing legislation and that while FEC still vested with right to amend legislation it was probable Commission would find it extremely difficult to effect changes in legislation already passed.

Indian representative expressed agreement with statements of New Zealand and Australian representatives.

  1. Nikolay Vasilyevich Novikov, Ambassador of the Soviet Union.