845C.00/2–747: Telegram

The Consul General at Rangoon (Packer) to the Secretary of State


103. Governor informed me following effect 5th:

He is hopeful irresponsible youth in AFPFL will listen to reason and follow lead of Aung San whom he considers entirely sincere but whose ability to carry out his program and put over London agreement is open to question. It will be difficult for Aung San apply brakes effectively to movement which he started against constituted authority and which in places has reached stage of incipient rebellion. Communists likely to give Aung San further trouble. AFPFL second string men recently sent into districts having some success in restoring order but dacoits40 still have lots of arms despite surrender of many since amnesty.

Governor recently informed Aung San that as soon as elections are won latter will have to be firm and stop strikes which are ruining country. Thakin Ba Sein and U Saw not considered to head organization sufficiently strong at present to be source of polling danger to Aung San. Is hopeful something can be worked out between hill peoples and Burmese to make Burma one country. Intends to go to Shan Federal Council at Taung-Gyi which opens on 15th.

Elections postponed week until April 9.

Sent to Department as 103, Department relay to London as 24.

  1. Murderous robbers acting in gangs in Burma.