845C.00/1–1447: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Gallman) to the Secretary of State


246. 1. Both Laithwaite2 and Smith3 expressed fervent hopes last night at impressive British Govt reception for Burmese leaders that talks with Burmese leaders will be successful. Smith said that at second meeting yesterday British suggested division of work among committees. (Emb’s 228, January 13.4) Burmese replied that they preferred to operate as single group, implication being, according to Smith, that members Burmese delegation desire to watch each other.

2. Aung San5 and Tin Tut6 spoke cordially of Packer7 and of interest in Burmese problems. They promised to get in touch with Embassy when talks are further advanced.

3. Dalton, Chancellor of Exchequer, was overheard to say to Aung San that he should come along to British Treasury for talks “after everything else has been decided”.

4. Temperate character Aung San’s response to Attlee’s8 speech of welcome pleased both Laithwaite and Smith.

  1. Sir Gilbert Laithwaite, British Deputy Under Secretary of State for Burma.
  2. F. W. H. Smith, British Acting Assistant Under Secretary of State for Burma.
  3. Not printed; it reported that the first meeting was “purely formal.” (845C.00/1–1347)
  4. Head of the Burma Mission to London and Deputy Chairman of the Burmese Executive Council; also Counselor for Defense and External Affairs and President of the Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League (AFPFL) of Burma.
  5. Counselor for Finance of the Burmese Executive Council and member of the Burma Mission to London.
  6. Earl L. Packer, Consul General at Rangoon.
  7. Clement R. Attlee, British Prime Minister.