501.BB Palestine/11–1947: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


567. For Johnson & Hilldring from Lovett. Position set forth in Deptel 558 Nov 12 reflects our considered opinion that facts regarding Negeb warrant its inclusion in Arab State. Accordingly you should [Page 1270] not yield to demand of JA. We realize that our position on the Negeb may not be accepted by the Ad Hoc Committee. In such case you should vote for the majority report as modified by Subcommittee 1, including provisions on the Negeb accepted by the majority of the Ad Hoc Committee, making it clear that in so doing we defer to the will of the majority.

Comments on financial aspects of economic union follow in separate telegram.1

  1. Comments on the financial aspects of economic union were drafted by Mr. McGuire on November 19 in the form of a telegram to New York for Mr. Lovett’s signature. The draft was cleared by NEA but was not cabled to New York for reasons not indicated in Department of State files. The draft telegram is now, filed with No. 567.