867.00/3–1447: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Wilson) to the Secretary of State


192. A number of Turkish Government officials, deputies, etc., have expressed to me warm appreciation President’s message re aid to Greece and Turkey. Erkin told me President Inonu greatly pleased.

Erkin asked whether Turkish Government should make formal request for financial, etc., assistance as Greece has done. I said not at present. I would advise him later on this. I pointed out Greek situation urgent and must be dealt with first.

Erkin said as regards “supervision” and “control” of use any funds made available to Turkey, he was sure we would have in mind susceptibilities Turks on such points. He understood perfectly we would wish to make sure funds utilized most effective manner but hoped this could be done in much same way as Export-Import Bank approved specific projects under $25,000,000 credit. I said he need have no concern on this point: Turkish situation very different from Greeks; latter on verge collapse needing thorough reorganization and consequently close supervision. Turkey on other hand is going concern in relatively good economic condition. Furthermore I was not sure what we had in mind for Turkey. I felt as I had previously told him Turkey should be looking to new International Bank for economic development credits. Possibly assistance for Turkey now under contemplation in Washington would be in connection with needed military equipment. Erkin said nevertheless he knew Turkish Government earnestly desirous that United States program assistance Turkey include credits for economic development since projects this field closely tied in with overall problem national defense.