868.00/3–547: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Turkey

us urgent

113. While not revealing exact contents Anglo-American interchange (Deptels 98, 100, 101 and 1101) you may now inform Turk Govt of general nature of high level discussions now taking place Washington. Avoid revealing complete and definite character of Brit disclaimer of future responsibility. (Re last para Embtel 156 Mar 4.) You were entirely correct in seeking allay Saka’s concern and arguments adduced in support your thesis fully approved. Turks should be told no immediate international crisis envisaged. In general you may say that, subject to Congressional action, US Govt expects take more active part in meeting economic and military needs of Greece and Turkey. Greece being in more difficult position, it is necessarily object first attention. We consider this in Turkey’s interest as well. For same reason, we hope Turkey will make every effort obtain funds from other sources, as its relatively good economic position should enable it to do.

We appreciate Roberts’ military estimate and wish to be kept abreast developments of any conversations he has with General Staff.

  1. No. 98, February 28, p. 69; No. 100, February 28, was a repeat of telegram 246 to Athens, which gave the texts of the aide-mémoire handed to the British Ambassador on March 1, pp. 72, 73; regarding No. 101, March 1, see footnote 1, p. 73; No. 110, March 5, was a repeat of telegram 268 to Athens, which gave the text of the aide-mémoire of March 4 from the British Embassy, p. 79.