851s.00/7–2147: Telegram

The Consul General at Tunis (Fuller) to the Secretary of State


72. Mons1 unsuccessful obtaining support of political parties now proceeding with program. Bey2 dismissed Cabinet of four Ministers July 20 and appointed as Prime Minister Mustafa Kaak respected Moslem lawyer without political background, instructing him to appoint Cabinet of twelve or more, half Tunisian, half French. Now seeking honest trusted men outside parties. Thereafter Mons will reform administration, municipal affairs, etc.

Leaders of both Destours offered positions in Cabinet but prefer to continue in opposition demanding Moncef and independence. Communist Party not participating. As organized parties not participating, new government will be under constant attack particularly by neo-Destour but Mons hopeful he can quickly win support of masses and weaken opposition by democratic reforms approved by new Cabinet of respected Moslems and Europeans and by improvement of living conditions. Situation delicate and will require constant observation.

Despatch follows.3

Repeated Paris as 14.

  1. Jean Mons, French Resident General of Tunisia; he succeeded Gen. Charles Mast.
  2. Sidi Lamine Pasha.
  3. Not printed. In airgram 1295, August 5, from Paris, the Embassy reported a press interview there with Resident General Mons who emphasized the importance of recent reforms in Tunisia and said the powers and duties of the Prime Minister and Cabinet would be greater than previously (851s.00/8–547).