881.00B/5–757: Airgram

The Consul at Rabat (Pasquet) to the Secretary of State


A–30. Communist Activities—North Africa. Reference Department’s secret instruction A. F. of July 11, 19461 (File No. 851R.00).

[Page 681]

Reference is made to my secret despatch no. 138 of May 3, 19472 entitled “Growing Communist Activity in Morocco” and particularly to first two paragraphs describing offer of France–USSR to Istiqlal Party to form a Maroc–USSR, to have ten members of Party visit U.S.S.R. and to raise the question of Morocco before UN meeting in September by Soviet Russia.

I am pleased to report that Istiqlal has turned down all three offers based on suggestion from Arab League that the September meeting of UN could not possibly add the Moroccan problem to its agenda. League further suggested that Morocco remain in second stage (which began with demand for independence in January 1944) i.e., continue to have Istiqlal Party negotiate with France to the exclusion of any other foreign power at this time.

The Sultan having heard of 12,000 of his subjects in the Doukkala tribe who had taken out Communist Party membership cards and knowing our concern (through members of Istiqlal with whom I have contact) made it known to tribe that he disapproved. This indication plus success of Sultan’s trip to Tangier resulted in most of 12,000 returning their cards en masse as announced a few days ago by the Chamberlain of His Majesty to mutual friends. The Director of Public Security for Morocco to whom I mentioned apparent freedom of press, meeting and propaganda allowed to Communists and severe repression of Nationalist activities replied that this was only true in cities but that in country districts both Caids, Pashas and French police obstructed as much as possible activities of Communists but he did not deny repression of Nationalist activities.

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