868.20 Missions/12–1147: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


5213. For Ambassador from Lovett. Discuss with Bevin (Martel 50 Dec 91) collaboration between US and Brit military missions Greece along lines suggested in Athens 2086, Dec 3 (sent London as Athens 130 and also Dept as Amag 581).

I regard work of the Brit mil missions Greece as of greatest importance, and believe their retention there imperative. Bevin should understand U.S. desire for closest possible collaboration between US and Brit mil missions, and US interest in their achieving unity of viewpoint on all important matters of common interest. US mission would not arbitrarily ignore views Brit mission. However, I consider any arrangement for such collaboration must formally preserve (1) US dominant role and (2) US ultimate freedom to determine advice to Grk Govt independently of Brit in event US and Brit mil heads in Greece fail to agree on individual questions arising from time to time. Relinquishment of either of these points would complicate our Congressional and public relations, might offer legal difficulties under Act of May 22 and might possibly be difficult for other reasons.

Army Dept has requested Livesay’s recommendations as to workable plan for US-Brit missions collaboration. As soon as we know Brit attitude as result your discussions with Bevin we will be in better position [Page 453] to advise Livesay as to basis on which his recommendations should be prepared. This prior to final consideration of draft joint directive by US Joint Chiefs and Combined Chiefs of Staff.

Sent London, repeated Athens for Embassy and AMAG.

  1. Not printed; in it the Secretary of State, at London, informed Mr. Lovett that “If you concur I suggest that you instruct Douglas to discuss with Bevin collaboration between military missions along the line suggested in this telegram from Griswold and Embassy.” (868.00/12–947) The reference telegram was No. 2086, December 3, from Athens, p. 433.