868.20 Missions/11–1447: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Greece


1837. In connection Army Dept statement (Deptel 1829 Nov 141) you should inform Greek Govt US approval program for furnishing operational advice to Greek armed forces through joint Army–Navy–Air staff and military observers with Greek forces down to and including divisions. All such staff will be part of AMAG. In explaining foregoing extension of military responsibilities you should take occasion to clarify organization of and relationship between Emb and AMAG (Deptel 1803 Nov 7) in so far as it applies to Greek Govt. Explanation should include statement that Amb is the US rep in Greece charged with dealing with Greek Govt on matters high policy. Emb is channel for dealing with Greek Govt or other foreign officials on such matters, except when Amb may approve or request direct approach by other US officials. General indication should be given as to what constitutes high policy as indicated Deptel 1803. In all matters affecting operations of AMAG in which high policy not involved responsibility for decisions rests with Chief AMAG who is sole director AMAG operations, All military and naval assistance to Greece whether in form supplies or advice, should be handled by military and naval units AMAG unless high policy decisions involved in which case authority rests with Amb under instructions from Dept. Chargé d’Affaires of course bears responsibilities of Amb in absence of latter just as responsibilities of Chief AMAG during his absence are vested in Acting Chief.

Foregoing info should also be given to appropriate Brit authorities.

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Inform Griswold these instructions and discuss with him prior to approaching Greek Govt. Advise Greek Govt with Griswold present. We suggest that you request both PriMin and MinFonAff to be present at interview.

In discussing foregoing it should be made clear that relationships outlined above represent no change from situation obtaining since AMAG established and that clarification at this time necessary only because of additional group being despatched for military advice.

  1. Not printed; the statement read: “Secy of Army Royall announced today that the Dept of the Army, in accordance with the request of the Greek Govt and with the approval of the Secy of Defense and the Dept of State, is increasing the size of the Military Advisory Group to Greece by approximately ninety officers and eighty enlisted men. This will provide personnel to furnish military advice to the Greek Army Staff down to the division level.” (868.20 Missions/11–1447)