868.002/1–2547: Telegram

The Ambassador in Greece ( MacVeagh ) to the Secretary of State


99. King’s political adviser Pipinelis called this afternoon to solicit understanding and support for new coalition govt.1 Said [Page 13] Maximos only figure under whom all participating political leaders willing serve and though new govt unlikely survive long time as coalitions always unstable especially in Greece it may tide country over difficult period and lead to better things. Emphasized overwhelming parliamentary majority with only Sophoulis in opposition and expressed view that Sophoulis who has not yet clarified his attitude towards Communists (Deptel 69 January 21) is unable to do so because his following composed partly of conservative bourgeoisie and partly of fellow-travelling intelligentsia. Suggested however that if aged leader disappears (he suffered heart attack in Chamber recently) Rendis might lead more conservative portion party to cooperate with other national minded groups.

Later Maximos also called and I took opportunity let him read Deptstel 69 which he did with care afterwards remarking it expresses “pure reality” of situation and commenting Department well informed. Begged me advise my govt he accepted premiership only for purpose effecting such appeasement as possible and “correcting certain measures taken in contrary sense”. This connection and in reply Dept’s query telegram 69 I consider that statement by Dept welcoming “broad loyal coalition” which embraces seven-eighths parliament and giving general expression to type of program hoped for could not fail be helpful.2

  1. Telegram 114, January 28, from Athens, reported that the cabinet of Demetrios Maximos, with Mr. Tsaldaris as Vice Premier and Minister for Foreign Affairs, was sworn in on January 27 (868.00/1–2847).
  2. The Secretary of State welcomed the recent broadening of the Greek Government in a statement made at his press and radio conference at Washington on February 14; for text, see Department of State Bulletin, February 23, 1947, p. 341.