Memorandun by the Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (Clayton)1


Further to my memorandum of February 26, 1947, paragraph 2, my recommendations include pressing Soviet officials for affirmative responses to the requests in our note of September 14, 1946 as follows:

To set a definite date for initiation of lend-lease settlement discussions in Washington. Any date prior to end of June would be considered satisfactory.
To arrange immediately for the return to the United States or to make application for purchase of U. S. merchant vessels in accordance with our note of March 18, 1946.
To return immediately to the United States three Navy icebreakers in accordance with our note of July 26, 1946.

Mr. Charles E. Bohlen and Mr. Elbridge Durbrow, Counselor of Embassy at Moscow, are familiar with these matters.

  1. See footnote 1, p. 658.