740.00119 Control (Italy)/2–1747: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Dunn ) to the Secretary of State


367. At conference in Rome between General Lee1 and allied officers from AFHQ and US and British Embassies, allied military authorities pointed out that Italian Government had protested against SAC’s ban in matter of removal of machinery from Pola to other locations in zone A. It was recognized by military that in light of instructions contained Fan 7242 embargo must now be lifted. They requested however, that US and British Embassies not inform Italian Government pending completion by military authorities in Pola of necessary precautions to insure maintenance of public order during period when removal by Italians of plant and machinery from Pola to elsewhere [Page 64] in zone A would take place. (Reference Caserta’s 19 of January 273). Both Embassies agreed.

In view General Harding’s4 great concern and strong opposition to lifting of SAC’s embargo, General Lee has now gone to Trieste to discuss personally with Harding manner in which he should comply with CC’s [ CCS?] instructions.

General Lee has indicated to us that he is disposed to request General Moore5 to make available US troops from 88th Division for duty in Pola to assist British in maintaining order during evacuation by Italians of their plant and machinery. He takes view that CC’s [ CCS ?] instructions can and will be carried out.

Pending his return Embassy will continue to postpone formal approach to Italian Government directed in Department’s 190, February 8. British Embassy is taking similar action.

I have already confirmed to Count Sforza that allied troops will remain in Pola until treaty comes into force and military, despite a reply to Italian Government refusing to lift ban on removal of plant and machinery, have informally advised Italians that their refusal is not last word and that further arrangements are under consideration.

  1. Lt. Gen. John C. H. Lee, Commanding General, Mediterranean Theater of Operations, United States Army, and Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater of Operations.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Lt. Gen. Sir John Harding, General Officer, Commander-in-Chief, Central Mediterranean Force.
  5. Maj. Gen. Bryant E. Moore, Commanding General, U.S. 88th Infantry Division.