811.42700 (R)/3–647: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Soviet Union


540. Emb reports radio broadcast continue most important guide program experimentation. Consequently concerned that detailed comment has been greatly reduced. Reaction Russian woman monitor helpful but should be considered only supplementary and not report in itself. Need Same superb type reports supplied first two weeks. Helpfulness these cannot be exaggerated. Fully recognize heavy load which detailed reports place on Emb but would appreciate continuation until clear all major bugs out of program.1 Particularly want comment content news and features which has been completely lacking recently. Also reaction to music as requested earlier. Are interested in favorable as well as unfavorable criticism as this will show when we on right track. Need urgently for Congress all data feasible on Russian audience such as given in Embtel 686 Mar 6.2 Emb should note [Page 547] again that failure Dept to acknowledge each Embtel not indication Dept less interested Emb reaction.

  1. In the beginning reports on broadcasts of the Voice of America programs with evaluations of the contents and the reception, program criticisms and recommendations, and the reaction of Russian listeners, were sent nearly every day to the Department from the Embassy in the Soviet Union. Early in May as improvements took effect the Department suggested that a weekly summary would be sufficient for the most part.
  2. Not printed. This telegram reported that a “cultured Soviet executive type” person from a provincial industrial city near Moscow declared that he and many of his acquaintances listened regularly to Voice of America broadcasts, chiefly for news, but would also like to hear more music. Reception of the program on an ordinary radio short wave set of German manufacture was not bad. (811.42700 (R)/3–647)