The Rumanian Foreign Minister (Pauker) to the Minister in Rumania (Schoenfeld)1

Mr. Minister: Acknowledging receipt of your note of November 14, 1947,2 I have the honor to inform you that the Rumanian Government cannot accept the contentions contained in that note.

[Page 508]

In conformity with its policy of safeguarding the independence and national sovereignty of the Rumanian State, the Rumanian Government cannot admit that the acts of the courts or constitutional bodies of the Rumanian State shall be the object of discussion or debate with a foreign power.

The accusations contained in the indictment in the trial of the leaders of the former National Peasant Party with respect to the part played by certain former representatives of the United States of America in Rumania or by some of the American members of the United States Missions in preparing for the overthrow by violence of the Rumanian Government and the democratic regime in Rumania originated in statements that were made by the defendants, in documents found in their possession and acknowledged by them, and in acts which were admittedly committed by them.

All of these accusations were shown to be well founded by the public disclosures made at the trial of leaders of the former National Peasant Party.

Attached as it is to the guiding principles of the Yalta, Potsdam and Moscow Agreements, the Rumanian Government cannot consider as legitimate associations and actions of the nature of those established at the trial, actions which were directed against the Government and the democratic regime of Rumania.

The Rumanian Government considers it futile to refute specifically the note’s evaluation of the character of the Government which the Rumanian people, inspired by their struggle for liberty, independence and national sovereignty, have elected by a free expression of their own will.

The Rumanian people have, through the voice of their courts of justice, condemned the treasonable action of the leaders of the former National Peasant Party who were in the service of certain foreign interests, and have thereby also condemned the attempts at foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Rumania.

  1. The source text was transmitted to the Department as enclosure 2 to despatch 104, November 20, from Bucharest, not printed. The translation was prepared by the Legation in Bucharest.
  2. The reference here is to the note contained in telegram 670, November 6, to Bucharest, p. 502; see footnote 4 thereto.