Defense Files: Telegram

The Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater (Morgan) to the Combined Chiefs of Staff

top secret   priority

FX 74182 (Naf 1261). Reference Naf 1242. 1. From information received through United States and British sources it appears that the impression has been gained that the draft instrument for the provisional regime of free territory of Trieste provided the answer to the frontier question raised in para 5 of Naf 1242. This is not the case.

2. The draft instruments only provide for the setting up of boundary commissions on “R” day. I consider that it is of utmost importance to have an agreed tentative boundary as between Jugoslavia–Italy and territory upon which Italian, Jugoslav and Free Territory forces will meet immediately upon ratification. Unless action is taken prior to “R” day on the lines of para 5 c of Naf 1242, I am convinced that armed clashes or a flare up through proposed boundary areas may well result, preventing an orderly withdrawal of our forces within the time envisaged. The dangers of incidents will be particularly great along new Jugoslav-Italian border.

3. Request that the necessary arrangements be made or instructions be issued to implement the proposals as set out in my Naf 1242 para 5 c.