871.001 Carol II/10–2247: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Portugal 1


785. Brit Emb states Brit FonOff has received details from reliable source of correspondence between a Rum Communist leader and ex-King Carol “which has almost convinced Carol it is his duty to return to Bucharest and that no harm will befall him or his son as a result”. FonOff understands both Carol’s wife and Urdarianu2 are urging him to this course.3

Brit Amb Lisbon has been instructed to approach Dr. Salazar,4 informing latter of this new evidence Carol’s intentions which has come to light since Portuguese consulted Brit Govt prior to Carol’s admission Portugal and, in stressing importance of frustrating this Communist maneuver, to ask that all possible steps be taken to prevent Carol from leaving Portugal.

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US Govt interposed no objection Carol’s proceeding to Portugal on basis assurances to Asst Secretary Armour in Rio in August when Carol characterized suggestion that he would permit himself to be used by Soviets as tool against son Michael as malicious slander (Deptel 755, Oct 9). In circumstances, suggest that after consulting your Brit colleague as to extent knowledge alleged project which should be disclosed to Carol, you take appropriate occasion to remind Carol his statement to Mr. Armour and, unless you perceive objection, as soon as Brit Amb has made representations to Dr. Salazar, you inform FonOff US Govt supports Brit position.

  1. This telegram was repeated to London as 4523, to Moscow as 1875, and to Bucharest as 639.
  2. Jon Urdareanu, Court Chamberlain to ex-King Carol.
  3. The British Embassy communication, dated October 20, not printed, which served as a basis for this telegram, added that the Foreign Office felt that King Michael had shown great courage and skill in dealing with a very difficult situation and that it was the monarchy which was the main obstacle to the complete communization of Rumania. Carol’s return to Rumania, in collusion with the Communists, was viewed as designed to discredit the monarehy and get rid of King Michael (871.001 Carol II/10–2047).
  4. Dr. Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, Portuguese Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs.