871.00/5–747: Telegram

The Representative in Rumania ( Berry ) to the Secretary of State

secret   urgent

372. Second wave of mass arrests within 2 months began night of May 4 and has continued unremittingly. Qualified source stated that number arrested thus far in this second effort is well over 1,000 and that number arrested in first wave during March and early April totalled 728. All are held in prison and concentration camp. Arrests [Page 482] include not only political opposition but some members of government Social Democrats and National Popular Party. While Interior Ministry operate arrest machinery, all reports are made to Soviet MVD representative.

Interior Ministry communiqué published May 6 announces some arrests have been made against those “instigating disorder, inciting racial hatred, and having created organizations of subversive character, preparing and committing acts of sabotage and terror”. Those guilty after investigation supposedly will be tried. Yesterday National Liberals also presented memoir to Mission protesting against arrests, asserting government making strongest efforts prior to treaty ratification to foment trouble and to include opposition within province of treaty Article 5 as reactionary and Fascist organs. They charge this is done to nullify treaty Article 3 solemnly guaranteeing public liberties.

Arrests are reliably stated to be result of Moscow chiding that regime responsible for strong opposition because it permitted too much freedom and present actions are fruition of plans made in past 2 months.

Responsible reports also grow that government and Soviet agents throughout country seek to incite populace to some reaction against regime and its methods as nation-wide tension mounts. Several observers further assert signs unmistakable arrests motivated by government fear of possible Anglo-American methods to implement peace treaty following ratification and as gigantic provocative action to justify effective sabotage of public liberty guarantees.