871.00/3–1347: Telegram

The Representative in Rumania ( Berry ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

219. Maniu2 in conversation said his party desired to overthrow present Rumanian dictatorial minority government that was bringing ruin to country. His plan was not revolution but it might entail bloodshed. Ousting of Groza Government could be accomplished successfully only with concurrence of three political elements: Rumanian people, King and Great Powers. The people had spoken in recent election by voting heavily against Government. The King, according to Maniu, is willing. The attitude of American and British Governments remains to be learned. This was the reason for his visit.

I replied basic attitude of American Government was well known to him from American participation in Crimean declaration and subsequent attempts to implement that declaration in notes to Rumanian Government. I added I must refer his statement to Washington for study as I could not take responsibility of endorsing action which he said might entail bloodshed and in case of failure certainly would bring severest retaliation by Communists against Peasant Party.

  1. This message was delayed in transmission and was not received in Washington until March 19, 1:56 a. m.
  2. Juliu Maniu, President of the Rumanian National Peasant Party.