Editorial Note

On July 7, Appointed Ambassador Stanton Griffis arrived in Warsaw and assumed charge of the Embassy. That same day he had his first conversation with Foreign Minister Modzelewski, which he reported in telegram 1064, July 7 from Warsaw. On July 9 Ambassador Griffis presented his credentials to President Bierut. The Ambassador reported on the occasion and the subsequent meeting with Foreign Minister Modzelewski regarding Poland’s decision not to participate in the Conference of European Economic Cooperation, held in Paris, July 12–September 22, in telegrams 1089 and 1092 of July 10, from Warsaw. For Ambassador Griffis’ account of the events attending his arrival in Warsaw and his presentation of credentials, see Stanton Griffis, Lying in State (Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday & Company, 1952), pages 161–162, For the documents here cited and additional documentation on the Marshall Plan and United States economic assistance to Europe, see Volume III.