Editorial Note

On March 22, the newly appointed Hungarian Minister of Finance, Miklós Nyárádi, departed from Washington following a visit to the United States during which he had discussed economic and financial matters with American officials. Nyárádi arrived in Washington on February 23 on special mission in connection with his duties as Under Secretary of State in the Hungarian Ministry of Finance and Hungarian Restitution Commissioner for Austria and Germany. Following his designation as Minister of Finance on March 17, Nyárádi met with Acting Secretary of State Dean Acheson (on March 17) and with Under Secretary of State William L. Clayton (on March 18) for discussions on restitution problems, and on March 20, Nyárádi met with Assistant Secretary of State Willard Thorp and other officers of the Department of State to discuss outstanding commercial problems existing in relations between the United States and Hungary. The records of these conversations are in Department of State files 864.515/3–1747, 864.51/3–1847 and 864.51/3–2047.