860F.00/8–1347: Telegram

The Chargé in Czechoslovakia (Yost) to the Secretary of State

top secret

1071. Embassy has learned indirectly but from source it believes reliable that Czechoslovak Minister of Information, Kopecky, made [Page 227] following remarks in course of informal speech July 27 at very secret meeting of young Communist newspapermen. While it is somewhat extraordinary some statements should be made even to small and select gathering, there is little reason to doubt that they represent policy at least of Left-Wing of Czechoslovak Communist Party to which Kopecky belongs. Kopecky’s well-known indiscretion, moreover, adds plausibility to this report. Minister’s statements in verbatim form that reached Embassy are following:

“The Communist Party and URO (Central Trade Union Organization) are the sole powers in Czechoslovakia. If we and the trade unions wish we could start a revolution at any time. Whatever Gottwald says is backed by the Russian Army. That gives force to your work against reaction. Look what is happening in Hungary and the Balkans. That the process will not stop at our borders is logical. We shall finish reaction in this country one day too. In our country circumstances are much more difficult. Everything must be done more carefully. We must be certain first of all that Slovakia continues her policy against Czechoslovak unity. Notice what is happening in the Slovak Democratic Party and what the trade unions in Slovakia are doing now. When we are successful in getting Slovakia to secede, it will be easy to liquidate Bohemia and Moravia.”