Editorial Note

On August 18, 1947, Major General William M. Robertson, United States Representative on the Allied Control Commission for Bulgaria, addressed a letter to Lieutenant General Alexander Cherepanov, Soviet Acting Deputy Chairman of the Commission, requesting Cherepanov to instruct the Bulgarian Government to suspend the sentence of Nikola Petkov until the Allied Control Commission had had a full opportunity to review the case. On August 22, Lieutenant General Cherepanov replied by letter to Major General Robertson. Cherepanov stated that it was not possible for the Allied Control Commission to interfere in the Petkov matter inasmuch as it was purely a, Bulgarian internal matter. In a, letter of his own of August 22, Major General Robertson emphatically protested against Cherepanov’s arbitrary refusal to review the Petkov matter in the Commission. For the texts of this exchange of letters, see Department of State Bulletin, August 31, 1947, pages 429–430.