874.918/5–2947: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Representative in Bulgaria (Horner)

confidential   urgent

193. Pursuant to Dept’s inquiry of May 6 (Deptel 167 May 61) Brit Emb has now submitted draft note re Opposition press which Sterndale Bennett has been instructed deliver Bulg FonMin June 4. Emb has inquired whether Dept wishes to reconsider decision reported in Deptel 179 May 152 and to instruct you to lodge similar written protest. Emb has been informed that although we have no objections to proposed Brit action our position remains as stated in Deptel 179 May 15, and that subsequently both you and Gen Robertson have employed several opportunities to reiterate orally US Govt’s concern re suppression Opposition press. We have also pointed out that differences between US and UK positions with respect to recognition of Bulg Govt and to ratification of Bulg treaty would in any case make it impossible deliver note along lines closely parallel to proposed Brit note.3

If Dept is questioned as to reasons for US Govt not taking action parallel to Brit, Dept will advise inquirers of our numerous oral expressions of concern. You should do likewise.

Sent Sofia 193 rptd London 2354.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed; it stated that in view of the fact that United States concern for Bulgarian press freedom had already been brought to the attention of the Bulgarian Government on several occasions, the Department considered that no further action on the matter, such as the presentation of notes or the accordance of press or radio publicity, was necessary or desirable at the present time (874.918/5–1047).
  3. On June 26, a second British note protesting the treatment of the Opposition press was delivered to the Bulgarian Government. On July 1, acting on instructions from the Department, Acting Representative Horner orally informed Foreign Minister Georgiev that the views of the United States on the suppression of the Opposition press were parallel to those of the British. (Telegram 500, July 2, from Sofia, not printed 874.918/7–247)