874.5151/4–1747: Telegram

The Representative in Bulgaria (Barnes) to the Secretary of State


246. Following is text of statement agreed to between Bulgarian Govt and non-Slav chiefs of mission terminating bank note incidents:

First paragraph identical with first paragraph mytel 171.1

Second paragraph same as first sentence second paragraph mytel 171 with elimination of France.

New text from beginning third paragraph on:

“They sincerely deplore that during quite natural period of tension produced by operation of exchange of bank notes they were deprived of close collaboration and counsel of Minister for Foreign Affairs because of his illness. They are convinced that if this circumstance had not made difficult this close collaboration no misunderstanding would have cropped up.

“They are equally convinced that it has never been intention of govt to impute to them activity against interests of Bulgaria and that all such differences as may have appeared to exist between their point of view and that of govt would have been avoided if usual contact between MinFonAff His Excellency Kimon Georgiev had not been made difficult as result his illness.

“Normal solution of problem of supplying Missions with means of Bulgarian payment had been made unrealizable by economic perturbations marked in Europe whole period that followed cessation of hostilities against Germany. Bulgarian Govt recognizing these difficulties is now considering measures to solve this problem.

[Page 153]

“In this circumstance govt and Missions above-named together sincerely deplore that which occurred March 7 and they are happy to note that misunderstanding between French and Bulgarian Govts has been settled in accordance with press statement of April 15 published by these two Govts.

“Furthermore they mutually recognize need for close and prior contact between Minister of FonAff and chiefs of Mission when relations of exceptional nature between local administrative authorities and diplomatic establishments are envisaged.

“Bulgarian [Government?] and chiefs of Mission mentioned will make public their agreement to dispel exaggerated and tendencious rumors of serious disagreement between them on subject exchange of bank notes.”

It is agreed by Minister for FonAff that govts concerned may make this statement public at whatever time they choose.

  1. Telegram 171, March 15, from Sofia, is not printed. It transmitted the text of a draft statement prepared by the Western Chiefs of Mission at their meeting on March 14. Paragraphs 1 and 2 of that draft statement read as follows:

    “Point of view of Bulgarian Government with respect to manner in which foreign diplomatic missions have figured in operation of exchange of old leva bank notes and treasury bearer bonds was expressed in press statement of Prime Minister that appeared in newspapers on March 13.

    “Chiefs of Mission of France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States feel that public should also be made aware their point of view in matter. Above all they regret that during quite natural period of tension that marked first day of monetary reform they were deprived of close collaboration and counsel of Minister for Foreign Affairs. They remain convinced that had illness of Minister not rendered this collaboration impossible between them, misunderstandings that have since cropped up would never have occurred.” (874.5151/3–1547)