874.01/1–1847: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Representative in Bulgaria (Barnes)

top secret   urgent

20. Concerning prospective termination armistice period Bulg upon ratification peace treaty, effect conclusion treaty on status US recognition Bulg Govt, and question future US relations Bulg, it is our present view that there is no necessary connection between ratification of treaty and recognition Bulg Govt, except to de facto extent already implied by our participation in invitation that Govt to present views at peace conference, before CFM, etc. Treaty will terminate state of war but does not imply obligation this Govt recognize Bulg Govt or establish diplomatic relations [with] it.

In latter connection, however, it is our tentative belief that for both political and practical reasons we should reestablish such diplomatic relations either 1) without delay and before ratification or 2) between date Senate consent ratification and exchange ratifications, provided situation in Bulg does not deteriorate in meantime. We are inclined to favor the later timing and in either case would contemplate accompanying action with statement our attitude that elections left much to be desired but also calling attention fact resulting presence in Parliament of appreciable representation democratic elements previously excluded Bulg politics. As initial step we would accredit, you, the present representative, as Chargé d’Affaires to Bulgaria, at least for a brief period, leaving accreditation Minister for later determination depending on developments.

Before making definite decision this matter we will appreciate urgent expression your estimate desirability such course or any alternatives you may wish to suggest with particular reference effect such action on position democratic elements Bulgaria.