Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs (Wells)21

The Communist news organ continues to denounce the presence of U.S. troops at the Talara airbase who only serve “imperialist and capitalist interests.” It demands that the Peruvian Government negotiate for the immediate withdrawal of these foreign troops and the return of the base to Peru.

In even more vitriolic language the newspaper challenges the recent statement of Ambassador Pawley that American troops at Talara now number only 40, and darkly hints that the US is digging in for a long stay. This non-fulfillment of the commitment to abandon the base after the war “disturbs and worries all Peru, especially when that Government patronizes a policy openly imperialistic and of intervention in the internal politics of the American countries.”

The Communist organ also asks the Foreign Minister to fulfill his duty and inform the Peruvian public as to the reason for the Talara situation.

  1. Addressed to NWC: Mr. Flack; ARA: Mr. Butler and Mr. Briggs. This memorandum is a condensation of despatch 1405, May 2, 1946, from Lima, not printed.