823.248/4–2646: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru (Pawley) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

504. I delivered today to the Minister of Finance16 in the presence of the Minister of Aeronautics, a number of Govt officials and Mr. Losa of the Rubber Development Corp two letters: The first confirming sale to the Peruvian Govt of two RDC Catalina planes for $100,000 and termination of the Air Transportation Agreement; the second turning over to the Peruvian Govt the airport at Iquitos and the Itaya Marine Air Base facilities together with installations, materials, etc.17 [Page 1214] Mr. Losa of the Rubber Development Corp collaborated in drafting the letters. The transaction will be consummated upon receipt $100,000 and acknowledgement letters.

The Govt officials were most appreciative of the decision of our Govt to turn over the airports, etc., and said they would give ample publicity to the event. The transfer was well timed because it coincides with the decision of the Peruvian Govt to furnish me today or tomorrow a statement of its policy regarding the Talara Air Port which the President and other Govt officials have assured me will make possible our joint operation of that strategic base.

  1. Manuel Vásquez Díaz.
  2. In telegram 489, April 23, 1946, 3 p.m., from Lima, Mr. Losa, an official of the Rubber Development Corporation had requested authorization for this transfer (103.9151). The Department advised the Embassy in telegram 371, April 25, 8 p.m., that this authorization was granted (103.9151/4–2246).