823.248/2–1546: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru ( Pawley ) to the Secretary of State


171. ReDeptairgram 65, February 6. I concur in program of scheduled equipment for Peruvian Army. In full accord with expressed belief this equipment will furnish desirable support for US military mission.

When combined with interim allocations military aircraft to Peru reDeptel 25 January 11, 9 p.m.,12 implied preliminary commitments to War and Air Ministries made during exploratory staff conversations will have been liquidated. However Dept will recall that Navy Ministry also participated in staff conversations and that General Arnold conferred with Peruvian Navy Minister13 on same basis as with War and Air Ministers. From Navy Minister General Arnold also received list of interim equipment required by Peruvian Navy.

US Naval Mission to Peru probably more than any US agency has stimulated sympathy and desire for cooperation with US. Navy mission first US mission assigned to Peru and Peruvian Navy of all Peruvian Armed Forces is most frankly pro-US. I earnestly hope that Dept is formulating list of interim equipment for Peruvian Navy [Page 1210] in order I may be empowered to assure Navy Minister, at time US Army representatives receive authority to inform Peruvian War Minister of interim army implementation, that interim equipment for Navy will be forthcoming and details will be available at some date in near future.14

  1. Presumably Department telegram 26, p. 1206.
  2. Rear Adm. José R. Alzamora.
  3. The Department advised the Ambassador in airgram 90, February 26, 1946, that legislative restrictions prevented the transfer of surplus: armed vessels, but surplus equipment and observation planes were scheduled for disposal to Latin America (823.248/21546).